Portrait Clothing Ideas

•When dressing your family for your session, remember you are a family and there should be some commonality among all members of the family. Coordinating colors and styles of clothing should be worn by all. A few years ago the trend was everyone wearing the same color shirt. Nice, but kinda boring. Now the trend is just to look good together and coordinate.
•Classic clothing choices will lend for a timeless heirloom that will not out date itself. Blue jeans, khakis, navy blues, white linen and other classics are the best selection for a family portrait masterpiece.
•Long sleeves typically work the best; as to much skin from arms can be distracting.
•Location plays a huge part in how your family should dress. The majority of my families are photographed at a location other than the studio and outdoor clothing calls for a more casual feel than an indoor portrait at our studio. Blue jeans and/or khakis and casual shirts with bare feet make excellent choices for an outdoor location, but a family of men in suits and women in Sunday dresses, wouldn’t make much sense. More formal clothing choices are best photographed in the studio or in your home.

Here is some images of wardrobe ideas to help you pick out the best outfits for your portrait session. You can also view my Pinterest gallery for more ideas HERE.

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